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Kids&babies photo sessions are great fun! They are done with sufficient time so children feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Our Photo Session’s Fee includes:
1 or 2 hours photo session on your favourite Location or at your home with Studio Lighting
• Enhance and Retouch of the images
• 3 months of a Private Online Gallery

• Products are sold separately from the Photo Session fee
• Products are available for 3 months

To make a reservation or for more information please fill down our Booking Form.


When • The truth is that every stage of your child's life is unique and has it’s own beauty. The decision is yours. But I would truly recommend:

- Newborns: 9 days old is the best time. 
- The first year! Any time from the first month forward is a good time. Take the first year's big changes through their first year milestones. This year is the one with the more variety of changes in a very short period of time: The first tummy time holding their heads; when they sit up straight without help and hold their feet; when laying on their backs; when they crawl and laugh out loud and of course when they stand and walk by themselves. Select your favourite time and book quickly as they change very fast.
- After the first year: It is always great to renew your family portrait at least once every year. This is a lovely way to record your family and make those yearly changes timeless with a professional photo session.
- If you are unsure of the best time to do a photo session and you’re a religious person, we would suggest to book for a Social Event instead of a photo session.

Indisposed Child • If your child or baby is really unwell, there is always an opportunity to re-schedule the photo session.

Family • Most of our Kids & Babies photo sessions become a family or group photo session as children relax when they have their parents to accompany them and feel their support. We ask parents, siblings, grandparents & uncles to be ready to be included in the photograph.

What to wear • It will all depend on your child's personality. Blankets for the baby’s photo session. Jeans, dresses, shorts, anything that matches with your child and the environment 
Play with your colour selection by choosing similar opaque colours like: brown-beige-caramel or opposite colours such as: red/cyan, yellow/blue, green/magenta. Do not use bright colours such as fuchsias.
where the session will be taken. Costumes are welcome as well.

Extra hand • An extra hand that keeps your child happy will be a great help! Remember, when the photographer is taken the photos will not be able to entertain, carry or help to support your child. The photos will be as good as you support and entertain your child.
Important: Keep toys handy, but more importantly NEVER SHOW IPADS, TABLETS OR PHONES during the photo session as it will take all the attention from your child.

Props • Are not included except for background and wraps fabrics for babies photo sessions.

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