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After you receive your Private Online Gallery with the images you can contact us directly to order the albums. All my digital packages will include a mini album 6x6in or a portrait album which is bigger in size 8x10in.

Mini & Portrait albums

These albums are an ideal display for the photos of your portrait photo sessions, as well as parents albums from weddings. Features: Texture Cover on Paper and Leather look and Luster Kodak Supra Endura paper for all prints.

• Mini Album comes in sizes 6x6in with a  Handmade Paper covers. It has 6 spreads included. Flush mounted prints with luster paper.

• Portrait Album is 8x10in Leather Paper cover . It has 10 spreads included. Also is a Flush Mounted prints with luster paper.

  • Mini albums
  • Mini album
Crafted albums

A versatile album that offers a perfect synergy between classic and contemporary album design by combining traditional matted prints together with digitally designed, flush-mounted (edge-to-edge) prints. The flexibility of this album allows a beautiful and classic display of your wedding images or a deluxe product from your family photo session.

Fibre texture cover with 10 spreads Included. 8x10 inches in size 

  • Classic album
  • Classic album
Rustic albums

This chocolate brown journal style album is not a book but a piece of art created to capture the essence of your wedding. The torn edge flap creates a feeling as though you are looking at a book that was created in ancient times. If you are looking for a unique product that looks and feels vintage this is the album for you.

It has 10 spreads Included Perfect for Wedding album or a more luxurious portrait session album Flush mount Prints. Size 8x14in 

  • Rustic Album

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