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Social events are very special moments that should be very well kept by the memory that still photography provide.

Our Social Events fee includes:
• Event coverage: photographing random moments and short studio photo session
• Enhance and Retouch of the images
• 3 months of a Private Online Gallery

• Products are sold separately from our service fee
• Products are available for 3 months

To make a reservation or for more information please fill down our Booking Form.


When to book • 1 month prior the event.

Story Telling • Through some hours, we will document your event. We will photograph little details, random moments, pose photographs, the location, emotions… We will do it all to document, in the best possible way, your special event.

We always divide our social events in 2 categories. Religious and Functions:


If you’re very religious, I would suggest to record special religious ceremonies. These are very special moments for any family and always the huge plus is that everyone is dressed up for the event. Depending on your religion we would suggest for you to consider documenting the following religious events:
- For Catholics: Baptisms, Confirmation, First Communion. 
- For Jewish: Naming Ceremonies, Brit Milah, and Bar & Bat Miztvah. Note: Our main photographer is Maria Gonzalez, so make sure she will be present during the ceremony.


There are many celebrations that are non-religious but they are as important in one's lifetime, such as:
- Birth day parties: Birthdays are times to celebrate and it is also a great time to preserve those memories for ever. Any birthday is a good one. From the 1st year to 80th year old celebration parties, birthdays are worthy of recording.
- Senior Prom and College Grad. Graduating either from school or Uni is a big step in one's life and worth investing in professional photographs.
- Baby Showers: Your baby warm welcoming deserves to be photographed. Hire us for this special event.
- Business functions: If you have a particular event you would like to cover contact us. 

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